Counseling for College Admission

Sally P. Springer, Ph.D., Educational Consultant

Dr.  Sally Springer, Associate Chancellor Emerita at the University of  California, Davis, and co-author of the critically acclaimed book on  college admissions, Admission Matters: What Students and Parents Need to Know About Getting Into College,  offers one-on-one counseling for college admissions for students and  parents. She provides expert, supportive, and highly personalized  guidance in all aspects of the admissions process, from planning for  college well before application time, to building a balanced list of  good-fit colleges, to preparing strong, competitive applications, and  much more. 

Sally works successfully with students from a wide range of educational  backgrounds and levels of achievement, including students from both  public and private high schools. She has especially deep knowledge of  private colleges and universities nationwide, as well as all campuses of  the University of California.  


Sally  brings her extensive experience in higher education as a college  professor, psychologist, and university administrator to her college  counseling practice. The mom of two college graduates, Sally understands  first-hand the challenges that students and families face in the  college admissions process. Please see her biography for more details  about her experience and background.  

Whether  you are seeking answers to just a few specific questions or guidance  through all aspects of college admissions -- or anything in between --  Sally can help you achieve your goals without the stress and anxiety  that so often accompany the college admissions process.

For information about the services provided by Dr. Springer, please contact her by e-mail or phone at or (530) 756-6572.

Springer Educational Consulting is located in Davis, California.  Services can be provided in-person, by telephone, Skype or FaceTime, and  e-mail.  If you live in or near Davis, in-home meetings can be arranged  at no additional charge.