"You were such a big part of this process with our family. You helped  more than you'll ever know, helping our son make his list of colleges,  preparing the applications, reviewing essays, having it be "his thing"  not "his parent's thing" (soooo important to us that HE be the one  calling the shots as it is HIS college career, not ours), and taking the  anxiety off of me as far as knowing what, how, and when to do things  during the whole process. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!"  J. L.  (parent) 

 "I knew some of the things I was looking for in a college, but I wasn’t  sure which colleges offered  them. Sally developed a list of schools  that fit my preferences and then helped me narrow it down to a  reasonable number that still provided me with a wide range of options.  She then served as a valuable guide throughout the application process,  especially in helping me revise my Common Application essays. I am now  going to go to a great college that I never would have heard of without  Sally, with a scholarship. I got into 8 of the 9 schools I applied to (I  declined a place on the waitlist of the 9th), so I was truly able to  choose the school that was the best fit for me."  A. K. (student) 

"For my parents, having an expert on the college admission process like  Sally available for them to ask questions and set timelines was a huge  advantage. I am their first child to go through the process, and Sally  helped me narrow down schools, set a firm, realistic timeline for  writing essays, and helped me present my best self in my applications.  For myself, it was a huge relief having Sally there; she answered all of  my frantic, late-night questions, no matter how small. Sally was a huge  help during the crazy college process, and I know I can look back at  this time with no regrets; Sally helped me to make the best  applications, and I am attending my dream school this fall."  

H. J.  (student) 

"B. got into almost every school he applied to. I am amazed at his  success and attribute that to your guidance. I believe your  recommendations on his essay surely helped. Please do use me as a  reference." K. S. (parent) 

"Our  family had the pleasure of working with Sally Springer to assist our  daughter with her college applications.  I can honestly say, we could  not have done it without her!  The process of applying to college is  overwhelming.  Sally was such a tremendous help every step of the way.  Her willingness to be so flexible with appointment times made it  possible for our daughter to do all of her homework and extracurricular  activities and squeeze in plenty of time on evenings and weekends to  apply to eight colleges. She was always available by phone or email for  any questions and concerns that came up during the process. Her kind,  supportive and caring personality was so helpful during such a stressful  time. Sally's knowledge of colleges and the application process is so  impressive! I would highly recommend her to any family with a college  bound student. My only advice--don't wait until fall of senior year!"   E. H. (parent) 

"I  am so thankful to have had Sally guide me through the very intimidating  admissions process. She really helped me space out my applications and  make everything very organized through her portal. Her recommendations  and suggestions on essays made all the daunting writing that I had to do  easier and it was very helpful. Thanks to Sally and her advice I got  into my dream school!" 

C. S. (student) 

 "Sally  was not just my guiding light through the college application process,  she was a friend and a sidekick. Without Sally I most definitely would  not be attending the university I am set to attend this upcoming fall.  With her thoughtful inquiry, depth of knowledge, and immense resources I  was able to expand my scope of colleges I was considering and send  forth the best portrayal of myself to colleges. Sally's service was  truly an invaluable part of my senior year of high school."  R. G.  (student)  

"Sally  is not only a true expert in this field, but her friendly, open and  engaging demeanor helped all of us during the process. Our son worked  with Sally and what a blessing it was. Sally engaged him so effectively,  through all the stages of the process. Early on, they discussed in  depth the wide variety of options available in colleges and  universities. They ultimately identified an excellent list of  high-quality, yet “good bet” schools, along with some “long shots” and  some "possibles". Sally was particularly instrumental in identifying  schools with early action application windows AND getting our son to  complete the applications to these schools on time! The process has  become very complex, the rules of the game ever changing, and the level  of selectivity increases with each year’s applicants. Sally guided us  through this ugly maze with ready answers at every turn. The outcome:  our son will be attending an excellent school in a program that should  enhance his chances to not only succeed, but to also be happy while  doing so."  J. S. (parent) 

"Sally Springer was a huge help to our family in the college application  process for our daughter. After hearing her speak at Davis High School  College Night I knew we needed her help. Even though we'd done our  research and essays were in progress, Sally was very helpful in guiding  us through the changes that have occurred since our previous child had  applied to college a few years ago.  She is very professional -- a great  listener, clear thinker -- and she made many excellent suggestions, the  best being application to schools we weren't familiar with. She was  very flexible and pleasant to work with and our daughter received an  excellent scholarship to one of the schools Sally recommended. She is  capable of helping you from the beginning of your search and application  process or mid-stream with essays and school selection. I wish we had  called her sooner and would recommend her highly."   D. M. (parent)  

"Our daughter wasn't ready to think about or focus on college until  early in her senior year. Fortunately, we were able to engage Sally  Springer to assist us. She met with the family and couldn't have been a  more attentive listener to all of us, or more understanding, supportive  and encouraging of our daughter. She gave us all the feeling that we  could approach college admissions with confidence. She tailored a list  of special schools, based on her conversation with our daughter as to  her goals, values, and interests, and shared the annotated list with us.  We were thrilled. From then on, she worked directly with our daughter  on every detail of the application process until all were submitted. She  built a great rapport with our daughter and really personalized the  process. The two of them completed the extensive process in record time.  There's so much to know and so much at stake  -- we were relieved to  put the process in the hands of such a knowledgeable, accessible, and  caring professional."   A. E. (parent)  

"Thank you so much for helping me througout my college process. I  honestly do not think I could have done it without you. You made  everything a lot less stressful. I can't believe it's all over! Thank  you again."  C. L. (student)

 "I wanted to take the time to thank you for everything. I had so many  options for schools to attend next year and I am so grateful for your  guidance and counseling." L. L. (student)    

 "Thank  you so, so much for your guidance this year. You helped make the  college admissions process a little less intimidating and helped give me  the confidence I needed to move forward without anxiety. I couldn't be  happier with my college choice!"  M. P. (student)     

"I read "Admission Matters" during our daughter's junior year and  realized we would need help with college applications.  Much to our  relief we FOUND Sally!  Our minds were put to ease thanks to Sally's  knowledge and familiarity with all types of colleges and the application  process.  Since the application process seems to get more complicated, a  consultant like Sally Springer is certainly the best way to get through  the college maze!  One could not find a more knowledgable, helpful and  kind person to assist during this daunting time and challenging  procedure!  I recommend Sally with absolutely NO hesitation at all!"  L.  H. P. (parent) 

 "Thank you SO much for all of your help in the college admissions  process! You are so knowledgeable and helpful and your suggestions were  great; I could not have done it without you! I really enjoyed working  with you and appreciate your dedication."  M. M. (student) 

"Sally Springer was the best investment we ever made. For a very  reasonable fee, Sally walked our  second son through the college  application process, helped him define what he wanted in a college, and  helped him "own" the process. She really tries to help her clients find  the schools that are right for them. The best part was that we didn't  have to nag our son, worry about deadlines, argue over essay topics or  engage in any of the conflict we had when we helped our oldest son apply  to college. Our second son was accepted at a school he really wants to  attend. This month our third son will be working with Sally on his  college applications and we know she will provide the personalized  support and  attention he needs to realize his aspirations. The  applications get done, the kids are proud of their product and there is  peace in the house! Best money we ever spent!"  K. W. (parent) 

“When we went to college, you picked a college and went.  Times have  changed, there are so many hoops to jump through and the process can be  daunting for both parents and their college bound children. Thank  goodness we found Sally to help my daughter navigate through the  process.  She calmed her fears and was able to guide her through the  hurdles.  She was flexible and easy to work with.  As my daughter  received her acceptance letters, Sally was one of the first ones she  celebrated with.  I would highly recommend her counseling services to  any family embarking on the college admissions journey.”  J. P. (parent) 

"I just wanted to thank you for all of your help! I got in to every  school I applied to and received scholarships to 4 schools. I can't wait  to start in September! Thank you so much for all the time, effort, and  snacks that you put forth towards my education. It was great to have an  organized, experienced friend by my side."   S. N. (student) 

 "I wanted to write just to say how thankful I am for all the help and pushing that you did to make this happen. I'm super excited for next year. Thanks again. All your help meant so much and I'm sure you are an angel for all your students." A. L. (student) 

"Sally’s help was invaluable during the college application process.   Sally worked with our daughter to develop a good list of schools, some  of which we knew very little about.  Our daughter was accepted to 11 of  the 12 schools she applied to, and received generous merit awards from  most of them. Our daughter will be attending a wonderful school that is a  great fit for her, which we would not have known about without Sally’s  assistance.  I can’t say enough about how great it was for our daughter  to work with Sally and how much we appreciated her help."  J. H.  (parent) 

"Now that all of my college decisions have been released, I wanted  to thank you for all of the help you have given me. You really helped me  find a good list of colleges to apply to and you helped me learn how to  organize my thoughts and directly address the prompts for my college  essays. I would have had a really difficult time otherwise trying to  figure out how to do both, and I am grateful for all of the college  options that are available as a result of the help I have received from  you."  

D. B. (student) 

"We feel so fortunate to have found Sally to work with my  son on his college application process.  His small high school offered  very little information or support particularly when it came to private  colleges.   My son (and his parents) found the amount of information  available overwhelming; it was difficult to know where to start and  which references were reliable.  Sally helped my son hone in on the  characteristics that were important to him and then worked with him to  develop a list of colleges that met those criteria.  It was wonderful to  see him take ownership of the process as his confidence grew.  As  parent, I appreciated serving in the role of sounding board rather than  task master.   With Sally’s guidance, my son completed his applications  without feeling overburdened or stressed, and we felt confident that the  application reflected the best light possible."  S. J. N. (parent)